Our personality is like a scent on the wind, a subtle flavor in the infinite self, nothing more, nothing less than the distinct quality of you, part of the cosmic personality in the flowing field of awareness. And like a fragrance, lavender, for example, you are completely unique in the cosmic personality, and necessary in the wholeness. In actuality, there is only one Cosmic personality and the beautiful unfolding of your uniqueness is essential to the fullness to know itself.

After the veil of separation is lifted, and the Truth is home again, the personality remains. You do not become Gandhi or Mother Teresa or Babaji. The unique flavor of your personality actually becomes more refined in its You-ness, your distinct fragrance more clear in its embodiment of wholeness. But the sticky center, the self-reflective, karma unfolding "Me" dissolves and pure perceiving from the point of view of your infinite unbounded nature, which has always been, takes over the steering wheel.