This Simple Grace is the work of an empty headed fool; Scott Morgan. 

Here is a story for you. It is disguised as Scott's story, but it is actually ours.

On November 3rd, 1973, at 10:30 AM, in a simple house by the Pacific ocean, I died. Or was born, depending on your point of view.

On that quiet, sunny Saturday morning I was taught a simple, effortless meditation technique, like millions of people before me and began to live in a new way.

I thought of course I was doing it to be a better athlete or to get better grades in school, but the door had opened and the river set free. Awareness seeking to know itself flowed through this life. I had experienced a taste of infinite silence and peace, and the pursuit of that, enlightenment or freedom, became the constant thread weaving together my life.

Many years of seeking and finding, grasping and letting go, success and failure, gain and loss, joy and sorrow followed.

Along the way, my career and family, this deeply human dance, took the center stage and the concept of enlightenment faded from view. 

Around 2006 I spontaneously ran into a book by Gangaji called The Diamond in your Pocket that touched something deep within me. I was not seeking consciously at that point but it's simple, graceful message grabbed me. That led to the powerful discovery of I Am That, the classic teaching of Nisargadatta Maharaj.

In 2012, after losing my sense of self, career, family and sense of place, I met Lucia and Lorne Hoff at a retreat on an island off the coast of Vancouver BC. No teaching, no path, no teacher, simple exquisite, divine Presence.

A few months after that weekend, on a crisp night in the high desert of New Mexico, Awareness remembered it's True Nature at this point called Scott. What had always been and will always be unfolded within ItSelf and the Scott fell away into the joy and freedom of Pure Awareness. All of the teachings, books and seeking dissolved into one clear yes. 

It was the funniest thing that this body/mind had ever experienced and I laughed til I wept. Because of course, our True Nature is all. And no one was here to awaken in the first place. One indivisible unbounded THIS, infinite peace, stillness and love, which, it turns out, is filled to the brim with funny. In the end, the joke was, and had always been "me". The sense of separate self was actually Infinite Awareness disguised as a Scott. Hilarious.

" All this time, all this time..."



There are so many beautiful teachers along any discovery of Awareness in its true nature.  Scott is deeply grateful for all aspects of Awareness that have guided, nudged, inspired and ultimately allowed That which has always been to see Itself.

Although not of a particular lineage,  Scott is grateful to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for his simple meditation technique to turn within. And of course the deepest offering of thanks to Lorne and Lucia Hoff,  because through their graceful, divine non teaching,  Silence opened  to Itself at the point of Scott.