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Words are beautiful things.

There is nothing quite like a well-written sentence, poem or book to inspire and transport you. But words are not experience. Even the most gifted writer in the world cannot replace or give you the actual experience. 

Take the simple act of eating a ripe summer peach. One can describe it in exquisite detail; it is soft and hard, sweet and a bit tart at the edge, dry on the outside, juicy on the inside. But even with the greatest poet's best effort, it is not anywhere close to the pure experience of biting into a perfect peach.

Words are the tools of the mind. The building blocks of ideas and concepts. But experience is beyond the mind.

So if we cannot use words to describe even the simple act of eating a peach, how can we expect them to describe, or even point to, the infinite reality of your True Nature. It's simply not possible. It is like trying to build a rainbow out of stone.

So as you read any account of Awakening remember that understanding the words or "getting" the concept is not experience. And awakening your true nature to Itself is actually beyond experience and cannot come through the sparkling window of words or concepts, no matter how profound or beautiful. 

Keep in mind that this website is not for the mind. You will not set yourself free through understanding. This Now is for your radiant nature to hear Itself, speaking to Itself, about Itself without the translation of mind or intellect.