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Our True Nature is one luminous, radiant, infinite Self.

This supposed world of diversity, people, planets, dogs, cats, flowers, trees, ice cream, and coffee is fundamentally only one simple, unbounded, fullness. 

But how can that be?

We look around and all we see is change and infinite levels of diversity. Beneath all of that appearance of motion is stillness, silence which all the forms and change is made of and, which has always been.

Imagine that True Nature is like a blank white piece of paper. With a few folds that empty field of white can become an airplane. It acts and flies just like an airplane. If you were to ask anyone, they would say airplane.  But has it ever stopped being a blank white piece of paper?  No.

 With a few more folds it can become a boat, a hat, a bird, a life, a me. But it has never stopped being pure paper.

It is actually only that simple white paper. Nothing more. In the same way, all of the perceived diversity around us, this universe and world of objects and separate selves, is made of nothing but Infinite Consciousness. Pure Awareness folded on itself, flowing within itself, creating from within itself using nothing but your essential nature as it's paper.

It is the origami of consciousness.