Awakening or enlightenment is not an understanding of the mind.

In fact, it is beyond the mind and all the tools of the intellect, like words and concepts.

Awakening is a fundamental shift in the perceptual framework of how Being, Infinite Consciousness, experiences itself through a flavor or point that prior appeared as a limited individual, but now is the One presence, which has always been.

Nothing has changed. Everything has changed. Changed beyond words.

The fundamental realization of the shift of the supposed separate self to a cosmic perspective is that no person becomes enlightened. This profound and deeply hilarious reality is the touchstone of Awakening. It does not happen to a person because there never was a separate individual in the first place, only an infinite luminous, radiant Self.

One field of radiant fullness. That fullness, that Infinite Consciousness wakes up to itself. It doesn't happen to you as a separate individual self. It is revealed to Self-awareness through you as the divine perfection of that.

Just as you are.

You are infinite joy, peace, love and silence. All of the attributes you have been seeking to perfect within yourself, such as humility, compassion, love, and simplicity are in fact the very nature of who you actually are. Right now.

Awakening is not a goal or an achievement. It is not a shiny crown given to those who have accumulated the most spiritual gold stars along the "path". It is what is and has always been. No prior experience necessary.

All of our beautiful seeking, spiritual practice, meditation, yoga and devoted service does not bring about Awakening.

It is not the top rung of a ladder of "doing" that we appear to have been climbing all these years. 

Your true nature has been here all along. It is here right now as you look at the screen and read these words. Your infinite Self is the screen, the light that it emits, the words on it, the room that you sit in, the thoughts you are having, the brain that is processing those thoughts. All one simple, radiant fullness in its joyful play of knowing itself through you, as you.

In fact, there is actually no individual person reading this, only pure consciousness in flow within itself. That is where the paradox of infinite unbounded awareness and this supposed individual expression exist, simultaneously.

No one wakes up, so relax. Stop trying so hard. It doesn't happen to you, it is revealed to us as One.

The basic requirements are innocence, allowing and letting go.