It all starts out pretty simply.

A harmless thought floating through awareness minding it's own business. Something simpIe like, I love chocolate.

But thoughts and feelings are sticky. They have velcro tails that attach themselves to similar thoughts. A string of like minded thoughts stick together to become something called an idea.

A bunch of similar ideas come together and form a concept, a larger framework made up of sticky thoughts bundled into ideas.

Soon a few concepts form a more solid framework called a point of view. A way of seeing the world.

And finally, a whole truckload of points of view glue together to create a much less flexible invention called a "me". Our identity formed out of thoughts, ideas, and concepts. All of these collected through experience passed on by parents, friends, society, lifetimes.

We view the world through this matrix of ideas and concepts made out of these non-existent thoughts. Now there is nothing wrong with that. It is the natural order of Consciousness creating a notion of a separate self so that Infinite Awareness experiencing itself as separate can know itself fully. 

But this "me" is based on mere thoughts, creating the illusion or appearance of separation and duality. At a certain point, the fundamental concepts underpinning separation have had their time. Awareness seeks to know itself as Fullness again.

And since you are reading this, right here, in this luminous Now, Oneness must be knocking on your door.