spiritual practice


There is only One. 

This infinite Oneness, your essential Nature, is silence, peace, divine love in flow. No part is better or higher or more complete.

From the point of view of the One, Pure Presence, there is actually no such thing as "spiritual practice". There is only love in flow within itself. 

The concept of spiritual practice is from the beautiful mind; the river of ideas and concepts. The discerning quality of Awareness that divides, categorizes, analyzes and compares. The idea that one action is superior to another or somehow creates Awakening by accumulating actions or practices is an illusion of the concept of a separate self.

How can that which is beyond all mind, beyond all action, which all action, ideas and feelings are made of, be caused by downward dog, or prayer, or meditation?

THIS Presence, which has always been, which is here right now pervading, illuminating all, is not caused by anything.  It is every thing.

At the same time spiritual practice is beautiful and wonderful for the body and the mind. Caring for the body and helping create a refined nervous system is an important gesture for allowing Awareness to settle and unfold within the point of you. This appears to cultivate an opening for devotion and love to flow within the idea of a separate self. But it is not the doing that reveals your True Nature to itself. It is the surrender, even for one split second, of the doer, the offering of the me, on the altar of the Now, that allows Awareness to see Itself smiling back at Itself.