Every aspect of Awareness is in this moment.

This reality, as with all qualities of your true Nature, is beyond the mind, beyond the reach of words and understanding. 

Like a diamond, every facet of Awareness is here, fully alive, empowered and present in Pure Consciousness. Simultaneously experiencing itself as a separate self and the infinite expansion of Cosmic awareness along with the exquisite flow of Unity of all, and, the complete fullness of beyond Consciousness or Brahman. All qualities or values happening, right here, right now.

And like a diamond, all facets exist simultaneously with no hierarchy, no order of importance, no higher, no lower, just One luminous, shining fullness.

These qualities of Pure Awareness are not layered or based upon one another as they are not states in a conceptual sense. They are not steps in a road, or stops on a journey as Awareness is all there is. That framework or concept is for the mind and teaching, but it is not true in pure Awareness. If there is only One, how can any aspect of that continuum of wholeness be more or less than any other value?

One intimate, infinite, unbounded you, without time and space as we experience it within the framework of being a separate me. With all aspects and qualities available at every point.

So the paradox is that we are at once deeply human mind/bodies with joys, pain, loss and gain, and, simultaneously we are Infinite Awareness, beyond time, space and cause. 


letting go